Currently our academic program serves around 180 students from K4 to twelfth grade.  Our students take the Terra Nova Achievement Tests in grades Kindergarten through eighth.  Our scores have placed in the top standards and continue to rise. Our high school students take the SAT and the ACT for college entrance.  One of the most central purposes we have at Highland is to train students to be actively involved and engaged in their community.  Through community partnerships our students participate in many academic programs and clubs where they dedicate their time and talents in charity as they portray the likeness of Christ.  Multiple opportunities are present for students to engage the community and serve.  As the government increases its pursuit of quality education and national reform, we have recognized the need for students to have a strong command of math, science, languages, and Arts.  Academic excellence is a commodity that we feel our students posses in addition to character, integrity and work ethic.  We partner with our parents in the instruction of these areas.  Mainstream education lacks curriculum and instruction in these areas and Highland seeks to maintain these crucial aspects of development as part of all content areas.