Highland Distinctives

A Biblically Integrated Program

Our conviction is that Christian education goes far beyond simply adding prayer or a Bible class to an otherwise secular program. We believe that our students are to be educated in an environment dominated by Scripture and this belief dramatically impacts how we approach everything at our school. In every academic discipline, we are seeking to train our students to love God with all their mind. “If our students do not think like Christians when they study history, math, or science, then they are not obeying the command to love God with all their minds” (D. Wilson, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, p. 48).

Our commitment to the biblical worldview also impacts the interactions we have with our students. When it comes to discipline and correction, we seek to operate in a way that is saturated with prayer with the aim of building up the student in the Lord. Our desire is not to train students in behavior modification, but to see our students come to understand sin, grace, and repentance.


A Calling, Not a Job

As a school, we seek to continually operate with Colossians 3:17 in mind: “…whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father through Him.” We believe that the work we do at Highland is eternal in nature and that God has called us to this work. Because of this sense of calling, our approach to the work goes far beyond academic performance. While we want to see our students prosper academically, we are also seeking their social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Our desire is to see each student grow in the gifts God has instilled in them and graduate ready to glorify God in every area of life (1 Corinthians 10:31).


Committed to the Historic Christian Faith

A final distinctive at Highland is the fact that we are Valdosta’s only denominationally unaffiliated religious school. This reality does not force us into theological ambiguity or liberalism, but instead allows us to be a place in which the Church universal is displayed in flesh and blood. We do not cease to hold our individual convictions when walking in the door, but resolve to unite around our commitment to the school statement of faith. Our conviction is that our school provides a tangible picture of Christian partnership, allowing the world to see John 13:35 exemplified.