Highland Christian Academy exists to educate students by merging biblical principles and academic excellence!




Our mission is to train up a child in the way they should go. We commit to academic excellence for the growth of the student. We uphold biblical standards and this is the foundation for which our practice was built. We maintain academic excellence by employing certified, passionate teachers. We partner with the families of our students because we believe that we achieve the greatest potential when we all endeavor, and commit to each student. It is our mission to instill a strong work ethic, and instruct in the areas of character by application and modeling.  Striving for cultural diversity, we create a vital mix in our student population.  We believe that much growth occurs from the interactions with peers and a servanthood attitude to our surrounding community.

Highland Christian Academy seeks to manage its practices through a local school board.  Our School board members are a diverse collaboration from local leaders and business owners.  The board is represented by multiple Christian denomination backgrounds who all have a common goal of guidance and leadership for the school.  Our mission sets a common goal that all board members agree upon and support.